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Civan Lasers Partners with SLTL

Companies will create first 3D Dynamic Beam Laser cutting and welding machine using Coherent Beam Combining

SLTL (Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited) and Civan Lasers have partnered to create the first 3D Dynamic Beam Laser cutting and welding machine based on Coherent Beam Combining. This project will create a complete end-to-end system with dynamic beam shaping lasers.

SLTL is a leading manufacturer of laser welding machines in India and is well known for its innovation as the first creator of a fiber laser cutting machine.

Dr. Arvind Patel, Founder and Chief Managing Director of SLTL commented: “As the first organization to integrate fiber lasers into a laser cutting machine, a fundamental goal for us is to continue adopting the newest and most innovative technology in the market. We’re extremely eager to offer our customers the first 3D laser cutting and welding machine using Dynamic Beam Lasers”

Civan Lasers and SLTL will be presenting a completed unit at EuroBlech 2022, which is taking place in November 2022.

Eyal Shekel, CEO of Civan Lasers commented: “This strategic partnership will provide laser welders with a complete end-to-end system utilizing dynamic beam lasers and their unique capabilities. We are excited to pioneer this breakthrough in material processing.”

This project and strategic collaboration is funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority and the Global Innovation & Technology Alliance.

About Civan:

Civan Advanced Technologies Ltd. was established in 2008 and is the only company to offer Dynamic Beam Lasers. Civan’s Dynamic Beam Laser allows manufacturers to control beam shape, frequency, sequence and focus steering to eliminate spatter, increase welding power and speed. Through their advanced capabilities, Dynamic Beam Lasers open the door to countless new applications. Visit Civan

About SLTL:

We, at Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited, want to bring the next door technology to every small and large scale industries. By making the solutions more cost-effective, accurate and future proof, we made it available to a wide range of Industries. We are a market and technology leader in laser cutting and engraving machines dedicated to manufacturing industries. Our innovations play a vital role in virtually every sector from software to high-tech electronics for smart factories. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world providing customized Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) laser solutions. Visit SLTL

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