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R&D Metallurgy researcher

In Civan we are developing advanced Laser systems for material processing. One of the driving forces behind constant business growth is the ability to present the laser advanced capabilities by conducting some of the most challenging welding, cutting and drilling processes.


·       Organizing and carrying out experiments in material processing using Civan’s state if the art lasers

·       Performing metallurgical research to support process development.

·       Applying laser theory/operation and industrial applications of welding, cutting, drilling, and other material processing.

·       Delivering technical report documentation of lab and product management related activities.

·       Designing and building prototype tooling for lab and to communicate salient build specifications to design team to assist with tool builds.

Education and Work Experience:

·       The ideal candidate will have an M.S. or PhD degree in Metallurgical/Materials Engineering or Materials Science

·       Minimum of 3 years’ experience in research in the field of process development or similar

Desired Qualifications:

·       Experience working with lasers, optics or material processing in a laboratory environment and a strong technical knowledge of industrial laser products

·       Working knowledge of tooling, fixturing, and indexing precision mechanical alignment

·       Strong communication and collaboration skills – ability to effectively communicate new ideas or concepts; ability to influence others, without direct authority, to gain support

·       Imaginative & open – can come up with and consider new or unique solutions and approaches to problems; open to considering and trying other’s new or unique ideas or solutions

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