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High Power Single Mode CW

Dynamic Beam Lasers


The Most Advanced Laser for Welding.


The Perfect Weld.

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Battery Cooling Plates

for Electric Vehicle

Welding Aluminum in High Feed Rates.

Civan’s Dynamic Beam Laser welds battery cooling plates at feed rates of up to 30 m/min without defects. 

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deep Penetration

40 mm Single Pass.

Deep Penetration in Thicknesses of up to 70 mm.

Avoid distortions by low heat input and minimal heat-affected zone. Civan Lasers enables higher quality welds and faster automation in up to 70 mm steel.


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Die Cast Welding.

Aluminum Die Cast Welding.

Dynamic Beam Lasers enable the elimination of entrapped-gas-induced porosity by supreme control over keyhole dynamics and melt pool stirring.


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Ask For Civan’s Most Advanced Laser System Integration Solution.

​Tailor Made Integration Solutions.


Civan Lasers DBL

7kW – 28kW Single Mode CW with Dynamic Beam shaping.​

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Civan Lasers OPA 6 Weld - Prism Awards 2022 Winner Logo
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Civan Lasers DBL 100kW

50 - 100kW Single Mode CW with Dynamic Beam shaping.​

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