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High Power Single Mode CW

Dynamic Beam Lasers


The Most Advanced Laser for Welding.


The Perfect Weld.

Create strong welds of crack-sensitive materials. Reduce pores and spatter. Stabilize keyholes even at high speeds. Control dissimilar materials' properties. Make the most efficient welding of asymmetric materials.

Al 6xxx.

Butt Weld without filler wire.

Solving Hot Cracks in Al 6xxx.

Aluminum Series 6xxx is a hot treatable alloy with significant advantages for the aviation and car industry – with high strength, high-temperature strengthening, and high impact on costs. 


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deep Penetration

40 mm Single Pass.

Deep Penetration in Thicknesses of up to 50 mm.

Avoid distortions by low heat input and minimal heat-affected zone. Civan Lasers enables higher quality welds and faster automation in up to 50 mm steel.

Die Cast Welding.

Aluminum Die Cast Welding.

Dynamic Beam Lasers enable the elimination of entrapped-gas-induced porosity by supreme control over keyhole dynamics and melt pool stirring.

Next-generation lasers
for next-generation material processing

Electrical Vehicles, Shipyards, etc.

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Power Train

Welding copper hair pins with high reliability

Battery Assembly

Welding of dissimilar materials

Al Die Cast

Pore free welds by stirring the melt pool

Battery Coolers

Weld large sealed cooling plates at a fast feed rate


Remove a manufacturing stage by welding body with Coated Material


Control micro-structure for better shear strength

Civan Lasers - Spiral Shape - software - tablet

A Laser System, Controlled by a Beam Shaping Software.

Supreme control on the geometry of Beam shapes, the density of each area, and the order of shape.




Beam Shapes.
Generated by Electronics.

No Mechanics involve. Limitless possibilities.

Ask For Civan’s Most Advanced Laser System Integration Solution.

​Tailor Made Integration Solutions.


Civan Lasers OPA 6 Weld.

7kW – 28kW Single Mode CW with Dynamic Beam shaping.​

Civan Lasers - OPA 6 - 720x508.png
Civan Lasers OPA 6 Weld - Prism Awards 2022 Winner Logo
Civan Lasers - OPA 12 - 720x500.png

Civan Lasers OPA 12.

50 - 100kW Single Mode CW with Dynamic Beam shaping.​


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