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White Paper: Dynamic Beam Laser Explained

An introduction to Civan's revolutionary laser technology. Download the white paper to learn more about the upcoming changes in the nature of materials processing in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries.

Laser technology replaced traditional processes and brought new levels of quality, reliability, and efficiency. However, the industry has continued to evolve with new materials and faster processes - Which is why it is highly important to innovate and improve laser technologies.

At the moment, it seems as if materials processing needs to change faster than new laser capabilities are being developed. For example, auto parts are now made from an assortment of alloys and often require the welding of asymmetric parts or dissimilar metals.

This creates challenges, and it is particularly difficult to overcome issues of cracking and porosity when welding at high speeds. One of the ways to improve results is by tailoring the beam shape for the process.

Download the White paper and learn about Civan's Next-Generation Laser's new capabilities.

Civan Lasers - White Paper - Dynamic Beam Laser Explained
Download PDF • 3.61MB

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