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“Automotive Industries” Magazine: Dynamic Beam Laser Overcomes E-mobility Joining Challenges.

The “Automotive Industries” Magazine Covers how Civan’s Dynamic Beam Laser system enables manufacturers to quickly test laser welding parameters - by testing different beam shapes and frequencies to define the optimal process for high-quality welds. Now manufacturers can conduct a multitude of tests in a brief period of time and quickly see results. By changing one condition at a time, and easily identify the ideal laser beam shape, frequency, and feed rate for the strongest weld, with minimal spatter and porosity, regardless of the application.

“From welding copper hairpins in electric motors and fabricating bipolar plates used in fuel cells to joining new metal-alloy-based electric vehicle thermal management systems, manufacturers are searching for precision manufacturing tools that will help them keep up with increasing demand.”

- Dr. Eyal Shekel. Founder and CEO, Civan Lasers.

Read the wide coverage of EV’s laser welding applications, about manufacturers’ welding challenges and current limitations, real-time control of beam shape in mid-process, green lasers, and examples of Dynamic Beam Laser’s newest parameters capabilities.

The “Automotive Industries” Magazine

Automotive Industries provides global coverage on all aspects of the automobile marketplace, with an emphasis on the people, products, and processes that shape the industry. Automotive Industries provides manufacturers and suppliers with in-depth news, information, insight, and analysis on the global events that affect the auto industry.

Automotive Industries (AI) is the world’s oldest continually published trade publication covering the automaking business. It was founded in November 1895 as “The Horseless Age,” the first magazine created to cover the world’s transition from horse-drawn conveyances to those powered by the new internal combustion engine.


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