Next-Generation Laser Technology for Industrial Manufacturing.

Dynamic Beam Shaping capabilities for superior control of keyhole and melt pool.

Civan’s Dynamic Beam Laser (DBL) allows manufacturers to quickly tailor the welding process to the application. With the ability to control beam shape, beam sequence, shape frequency, and focal depth at MHz speeds without any moving parts.

Civan’s disruptive DBL technology facilitates rapid process optimization, eliminating unwanted joining defects such as pores, cracks, and humping. Civan's lasers not only improve joint quality but also offer increased power, increased feed rates, and more efficient production of new, complex, products made of dissimilar materials. 


Design any arbitrary beam shape

Create your own custom beam profile with our easy-to-use software. Construct and upload a new beam shape to the laser within minutes.


Create complex beam shapes

Use many beam shapes to create a complex shape that combines static and dynamic movement for supreme control on melt pool.


Control the beam frequency

The beam shape is created from fast wobble of the beam and can reach frequency as fast as 50MHz.


Fast focus steering

Cutting and welding take on a 3rd dimension by adjusting the focusing depth to easily simulate a Jigsaw effect, especially effective with crack sensitive materials.

Dynamic Beam Lasers

The Theories behind the Technology.

Civan's Lasers are based on Coherent Beam Combining (CBC) and Optical Phased Array (OPA).

Coherent Beam Combining.

Parallel amplification of a single seed signal allows for coherent recombination, ramping the output power to a degree unobtainable by in-series amplifiers.

Optical Phased Array.

Individually regulating the phase of a 2D output array is the core factor behind arbitrary beam shaping, live beam correction, focus steering and a host of other performance capabilities