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Civan Lasers and HCS Tech Inc Sign Agreement to Expand Presence in South Korea


Civan Lasers and HCS Tech Inc Sign Agreement to Expand Presence in South Korea

Civan Lasers and HCS Tech Inc Partner Up to Deliver Dynamic Beam Lasers to South Korea's Thriving Shipyard and Automotive Industry for Welding Solution.

(Jerusalem, Seoul, 02-05-2023) Civan Lasers, a leading provider of innovative laser sources for welding applications, is proud to announce its partnership with HCS Tech Inc. The agreement designates HCS Tech Inc as Civan's distributor in South Korea, providing local support to the shipyard and automotive industries.

South Korea is a significant player in the welding industry, with a thriving shipyard and automotive sector. Civan's Dynamic Beam Laser presents a new opportunity for these industries, offering efficient and effective welding solutions for a range of applications. With its ability to weld battery cooling plates at a feed rate of 500mm/sec, bi-polar plates at a feed rate of 1500mm/sec, and single-pass weld steel up to 50mm, the Dynamic Beam Laser is a cutting-edge technology that has already garnered interest from local businesses.

HCS Tech Inc is a well-established and respected distributor in the laser industry, with many years of experience in South Korea. The company's expertise and local presence will greatly benefit Civan in providing high-quality laser welding solutions to its customers.

"Our existing customers in South Korea are thrilled about this collaboration," says Dr. Eyal Shekel, CEO of Civan Lasers. "Having local support will allow us to provide them with the highest level of customer service and technical expertise."

Mr. Harris Chung, Managing Director of HCS Tech Inc, shares a similar sentiment. "We see this partnership as a great opportunity. The Dynamic Beam Laser is an innovative technology that has the potential to benefit many industries in South Korea."

About Civan Founded in 2008, Civan Lasers stands apart as the sole provider of dynamic beam lasers. With this technology, manufacturers are empowered to manipulate beam shape, frequency, and sequence for optimal results. Dynamic beam lasers eliminate spatter, increase welding power, and allow for faster welding speeds, all while providing the ability to steer and focus the beam. These advanced capabilities unlock a world of new possibilities for a variety of applications. Visit:

About HCS Tech Inc:

HCS Tech Inc is a leading distributor of laser technologies in South Korea, offering a wide range of products and services to support the laser industry.


Ami Spira

Marketing Manager

Civan Lasers


Figure 1: Mr. Harris Chung of HCS Tech Inc, Dr. Eyal Shekel of Civan Lasers, and Mr. Ruben Cesana, Director of Sales at Civan Lasers, Convene at Civan's Laser Applications Lab

Figure 2: Mr. Harris Chung of HCS Tech Inc and Dr. Eyal Shekel of Civan Lasers Seal the Deal with Collaboration Agreement

Figure 3: Mr. Harris Chung of HCS Tech Inc Visits Civan Lasers in Israel, Witnessing the Power of the 100kW Laser System


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