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Civan Lasers Demonstrates Remote Cutting of 100mm Steel for Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

Jerusalem, July 11th, 2024 – Civan Lasers, a leading innovator in laser technology, proudly announces the successful demonstration of remote cutting of 100mm thick steel, a significant advancement for the decommissioning of nuclear plants. The trial utilized a 120kW Dynamic Beam Laser and showcased cutting-edge capabilities in a controlled, safe environment.

The demonstration featured a remote cutting operation from a distance of 10 meters, with the laser beam propagating through a pipe in free space for safety reasons. Inside a closed chamber, the beam was redirected using a mirror to cut through the 100mm steel part. This trial highlighted the laser’s ability to cut thick sections from considerable distances, demonstrating potential for operations from tens of meters away, thanks to its exceptional beam quality.

Illustration of setup used to remote cut 100mm
Illustration of Civan Lasers' remote cutting demonstration setup, utilizing a 120kW Dynamic Beam Laser. The laser beam was safely propagated through a hose and redirected with a mirror inside a closed chamber to cut a 100mm thick steel section from a di

Civan Lasers' Dynamic Beam Laser technology boasts several unique features that make it ideal for nuclear plant decommissioning:

  • Scalable Power Levels: Maintains high beam quality even at increased power.

  • Large Depth of Focus: Combined with focus steering, can reach over 100mm, providing precise cutting capabilities.

  • Remote Operation Capability: Enables cutting from a safe distance, reducing the risk of contamination and exposure.

Remote cutting of thick sections
A Civan Lasers team member proudly displays a 100mm thick steel section cut using the 120kW Dynamic Beam Laser, showcasing the advanced capabilities of their cutting-edge laser technology.

"We are excited about the implications of this successful demonstration for the nuclear decommissioning industry," said Ami Spira, VP Marketing at Civan Lasers. "Our Dynamic Beam Laser offers a unique combination of power, precision, and safety, making it an ideal solution for safely dismantling contaminated structures from a distance."

The ability to perform remote cutting of thick sections with such precision and efficiency marks a significant step forward in the field of nuclear decommissioning. Civan Lasers continues to push the boundaries of laser technology, offering innovative solutions to complex industrial challenges.

100mm steel
Sample of a 100mm thick steel section cut using Civan Lasers' 120kW Dynamic Beam Laser during a remote cutting demonstration for nuclear plant decommissioning.


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