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Coherent Beam Combining – Unlimited Flexibility in Laser Material Processing

An analysis of the effects of CBC on the laser welding process. By Jonas Wagner, Artur Leis, Nina Armon, Asaf Nissenbaum, Christian Hagenlocher, Julian Holland, Rudolf Weber, and Thomas Graf.

PhotonicsViews 3/2022 Issue covers how Civan's unique beam shaping technology enables the generation of beam patterns with an arbitrary variation of the intensity distribution within the laser beam. In addition, it is possible to switch between these patterns at MHz frequencies - Allowing more significant influence and control of laser material processes. Read the latest analysis of the effects of CBC on the laser welding process: "Coherent Beam Combining – unlimited flexibility in laser material processing." Read the Full Article (PDF) >

Dr. Nina Armon obtained her BSc in chemistry, specializing in materials science, and her MSc in chemistry in light-matter interaction from Bar-Ilan University. She received her Ph.D. in the field of laser-based methods for directed material assembly and is a materials researcher in the applications lab at Civan. She focuses mainly on process development of the interaction between Civan’s lasers with various materials. (Photographer: Avigail Piperno-Beer)

Dr. Asaf Nissenbaum is a metallurgy researcher at Civan. He is focused primarily on the process development of advanced laser-based mate-rial processing but leaves some time for fun activities with his kids. He earned his bachelor’s degree in advanced materials engineering at the Jerusalem College of Engineering and completed his MSc and Ph.D. in chemistry at the material and interfaces department, Weizmann Institute of Science. (Photographer: Avigail Piperno-Beer)

PhotonicsViews is the European trade magazine for optical technologies. It emerged from the two journals Laser Technik Journal (15 years) and Optik & Photonik (13 years).

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