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Hair Pin Welding research using Dynamic Beam Laser wins award

Eveline Reinheimer from IFSW Wins 1st Place at ICALEO '23 Student Paper Award for Innovative Welding Research using Dynamic Beam Laser

We're elated to share the remarkable achievement of Eveline Reinheimer, who has secured the prestigious 1st place at the ICALEO '23 Student Paper Award! This recognition is a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication in the field of laser welding research.

Eveline's award-winning paper, titled "High-speed x-ray imaging of pore and spatter formation during welding of hair pins". The study presented in the paper focused on various methods of welding hair pins, a crucial process in power trains. However, what sets her research apart is the introduction of a groundbreaking technique. Eveline's innovative approach employs dynamic beam lasers with a sequence pattern, effectively eliminating the need to cross gaps during the welding process. This ingenious method has the potential to significantly reduce issues like spatter and pores.

Traditional welding processes often struggle with spatter, the unwanted droplets of molten metal that can lead to defects and impurities in the final weld. Additionally, pores, which are small voids in the weld, can compromise the structural integrity of the welded component. Eveline's research, however, offers a promising solution by introducing dynamic beam laser technology that precisely targets the welding area without the need for crossing gaps, thereby minimizing the occurrence of spatter and pores.

The implications of this innovation are substantial, as it can lead to enhanced welding efficiency, reduced material wastage, and improved overall quality of welded components. This is particularly noteworthy in the context of electric vehicle (EV) production, where these advancements can make a substantial impact.


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