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Introducing the Latest Version of Shape Generation Software

In the realm of laser technology, beam shaping is a vital component for various applications. Dynamic Beam Laser is revolution in it's capabilities and simplicity of generating new beam shapes. The shape generation software is the tool provided with the laser that allows users to easily generate and optimize new beam shapes. The latest version which is result of users feedback offers a new set of tools, to make it even easier. This software not only enables users to design and load new beam shapes effortlessly but also introduces a range of innovative features to optimize power density measurement, streamline beam shape order control, and simplify the overall beam shaping process.

A first improvement is the ability to measure the power density at different areas of the beam shape. Power density is determined by focal length and power level, which can be easily changed. One option is to view the power density at a specific point. A second option is to see the power density in a particular area. By doing this, users can plan the shape with the optimal distribution of power.

A new feature also allows users to see how beam shapes are generated from different points. Since shapes are generated by jumping between points and the power density is different at every point due to diffraction. This new feature will provide users with a very intuitive and easy way to view the average power as well as the power distribution at each individual point.

As well as controlling the direction of movement of a beam shape, it is also possible to control its order of movement. It is possible to create a continuous motion or a random motion. Depending on the application, both options have advantages. It is now even easier to control the order with the new buttons. The R key changes the order of starting from the end to the start. In other words, if I have a circle that goes with the clock, after pressing R it will go against it. A second new button is M/E, M- which means that points will be added after the order chosen if one wants to add points to an existing shape. The letter E indicates that it will be added at the end.

There are several options available to shorten the time it takes to generate a new beam shape.

For a circle, all that needs to be defined is the number of points and the radius.

A spiral can be easily customized by defining the number of points, the number of circles, and the power (0.1 - 0.9) that is desired in the spiral.

Square - choose length and number of points.

There is a lot of flexibility with polygons. First choose the number of points, then select the points that the path goes through.

Last but not least, you can edit the existing shape by clicking edit and either moving or copying sections.


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